Samsung Files Lawsuit Against Apple, Claims iPhone 5 Infringes Several Of Its Patents

TechDeville: Via a statement released earlier today Samsung has announced that it has filled a lawsuit against Apple, and claims that the recently released iPhone 5 infringes several of its patents.

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fatstarr3228d ago

Sounds like another year of battle,
hopefully they win and teach apple some karma

Jonoc333228d ago

I'm sorry, but "hopefully"? How does this lawsuit affect you or any other android/iphone user in any way shape or form?

th3soldier3228d ago

Apple sues the shit out of everybody, and last time they did, I lost the ability to locally search on my Galaxy Nexus. That affects me directly. Apple needs a taste of their own medicine, hopefully $2 Billion of it.

Fat Onion3227d ago

Re: Jonoc33....You are very short sighted

sikbeta3227d ago


Same apply to those who believe Apple invented the oxygen plus every stuff in the universe and by that Apple can sue even the fruit that shares the same name.

Kaneda3227d ago

@ sikbeta.. No Apple was being sued years ago for "Apple" by the Beattles, I think that was settled out of court for $50 mil or something like that.

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blumatt3227d ago

I'm an apple user but I like android too. I just wish they'd call a truce.

kingPoS3228d ago

This is quickly becoming pointless.

eddieperry33228d ago

Hmm. What about the notification bar Apple blantly ripped off android. Google should sue them, but They dont. That is how this industry works. Innovation. They cant accept they arent on top anymore.

Good for you Samsung. End this dam patent war.

CerebralAssassin3227d ago

I think this patent was is really stupid as well. But how can you support ending the patent war but also support Samsung suing apple. Seems a little redundant/hypocritical.

fatstarr3227d ago

why let apple get the last shot and be the bigger man? at least tie it up and then end it.

@eddieperry3 man when that notification bar came out on ios, apple users thought it was the best thing and they swear on the graves of people they love that apple invented it.

gdguide3227d ago

Before Apple started this crap, I would have said that this is pushing it. Now it's just what they deserve just to keep things balanced and Apple's cheap patent pride under control. Apple needs to be attacked to keep them from constantly holding Android and any other phone makers back over a broken patent system.

PS4OUR3227d ago

There has to be a valid reason for Samsung to go ahead and file a lawsuit. Obviously they not just doing it for shits and giggles.
Apple had this coming. They can no longer dominate the market like they did back when the iphone and ipod were launched.
Companies like Samsung, HTC and Google are fast chipping away at Apple in the mobile and tablet arena.
Its only a matter of time.

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