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How To Get Latest Android OTA Update Without Location Restriction [Any Android Smartphone]

Chiphazard : Luckily there is a way through which you can bypass this location restriction for any Android device and get OTA updates instead of hooking your device to the computer and flashing the firmware manually.

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tachy0n3220d ago

fail, this doesnt apply to all smartphones..... my LG Optimus V's update feature got screwed by LG the only way is throught root.

steven83r3220d ago

Shit don't work. Tried multiple times on my GS3 and no luck. Guess have to wait for official release.

KwietStorm_BLM3219d ago

This is how I got 4.0.4 on my T-Mobile US HTC One S. Who knows how long I would be waiting if I relied on them. I hope Jelly Bean is soon. Obviously using this method won't create an update out of thin air though. If nothing is available, nothing will happen, even with phased OTA rollouts in some cases.

Abdou233219d ago

The thread says it does, If it's NOT AVAILABLE in certain region yet this method should still make able to update.

KwietStorm_BLM3219d ago

As I said, this "exploit," if you will, does not CREATE an update. If there is nothing available, then nothing will download. This is just useful if you might know an update has been pushed from Google or your phone manufacturer, and your carrier or region is [typically] stalling the OTA. As I also said, with rollouts going out in phases, in some cases it is handled as not officially available, for ANY region, therefore returning nothing.

wjbjnr3219d ago

@To All having confusions,

You'll only get OTA update if it's being rolled out for any region (DUH!). This will not create an OTA :P

KwietStorm_BLM3219d ago

What exactly are you looking for?

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