iOS 6 On iPhone 3GS And iPhone 4: Is It Worth Installing ?

iPhonBuzz: After about a week of tests, I decided to make a small summary about my personal experience with the latest software from Apple. You may have read many reviews on the improvements made in iOS 6, but let’s see how this update behaves on older terminals.

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M_Prime3719d ago

wish it went in depth.

also does it take out google maps on the 3Gs?

KingPin3719d ago

i would assume so.

the way i assume it to be is like asking if windows 7 will have a start button like xp.

the newer OS has a different version for the same function.

but im just using logic. nothing on the internet says if it does or doesn't.

iamnsuperman3719d ago

I think the only real difference is the Siri thing. So they get rid of google maps but do not have the turn by turn direction thing through Siri. Not 100% sure but I think that is the only difference (I have an Iphone 4)

HeavenlySnipes3718d ago

Not upgrading because Google maps is the shit

dead_eye3718d ago

This seemed like an awesome idea for an article. Shame it failed