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Barnes & Noble Banks on Upcoming Nook Video Service to Compete with Amazon

Maximum PC: At this point, Barnes & Noble isn't fashionably late to the streaming video party, it's just downright late. Better late than never, though, right? Along that line of thinking, B&N today announced its Nook Video service, which will premier sometime this fall. B&N already has movies and TV shows lined up from major studios, including HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, to name a few. The service will also stream select Disney titles, the company said.

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newsguy4226d ago

I get my fix through Netflix myself...

fatstarr4225d ago

why the fck why -_-

list of streaming services from a mid ground individual (buys and pirates)

Internet (off sites)

wtf would they even think to enter in such a market, they need to focus on their bookstores before they end up like borders. only Barnes and nobles fanboys and junkies will support this network when theres no need for another one. it just becomes redundant.


Remember the Nook tablet? It's back with a new 10.1" version that's ridiculously affordable

Remember when Barnes & Noble tried to take on the Kindle range? That effort kinda fizzled out, but that doesn’t mean that they’re out of the game.

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Barnes & Noble is recalling its Nook seven-inch power adapters

Barnes & Noble is recalling its newest Nook tablet’s power adapter, only a few months after its release. The adapters’ casing apparently sometimes comes off, thereby exposing a metal prong.

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Goodnight and good Nook: farewell to a beloved e-reader

Barnes & Noble has shut down its ebook store. It may have been overshadowed and outsold by the Kindle, but for some readers, it was briefly a revelation

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