Blu-Ray, Looks Like Your Days Are Numbered Everyone knows optical storage discs are on their way out in the long run, but ironically, the the biggest, newest format of them all could become extinct before the rest. Here’s why Blu-ray might join VHS in the dustbin long before DVDs or CDs give up the ghost.

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Kingnichendrix3233d ago

This is a little silly, who doesn't want HD movies and surround sound sure netflix and lovefilm are great but still going to your friends with a Blu-ray/dvd cant be replaced, there would be no way I would be like "hey dude, you got interent connection? well sweet let me just log in so we can watch a movie" No.

ChrisW3232d ago

Your point is very true, but it's been years since I bought a physical disc for a movie. Mostly because most of my friends have high-speed Internet so we can stream HD movies when we want.

iamnsuperman3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Eventually but not for a long time. This is extremely comparable to CDs and digital downloads (music industry). Digital downloads have taken off but CDs are still important and still sell well.

BlackPrince 423233d ago

Music is one thing, but there's too much data in HD visuals and audio for people to effectively stream all the time at a high quality.

Blu-Ray is probably the last physical media we'll use, but it has plenty of life left.

wishingW3L3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

netflix movies look even worse than DVD quality wise. It says that they are HD but it's bullcrap and let's not even talk about the sound!

Bobertt3233d ago

I haven't watched dvds in a while but i think Netflix looks awesome in HD. The only thing is that sometimes it has a grainy look while in hd. I think blu ray will be around for a while, games are definitely going to continue using them. You can put movies on usbs but who really brings a usb to a friends house and then you two look at it on a computer. You want to watch it on tv plus blur rays come with extra features. Plus i love a good collection over a file in a computer.

fatstarr3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

All valid points,
blueray is doomed

because the mainstream yuppies will flock where ever the trend goes and that's how things traditionally die now. unless blueray has a hardcore userbase (thats not ps3 oweners) that can support it, its doomed to die.

Id buy a blueray burner and some disks for backup functionality. but I wouldnt buy a blueray movie.

KingPin3233d ago

so you wouldn't backup any movies thus creating a doomed blu-ray movie disc.

you just owned yourself in one post. genius.

fatstarr3233d ago

I back up data wise, not DVD functionality wise (it wouldn't be read correctly in the Blu-ray player)
I clearly said “I’d buy a Blu-ray burner and some disks for backup functionality"
And even if I made a Movie Disk it wouldn’t help the Blu-ray movie industry since no profit would come from me.
Also why would I download a movie to burn it to a disk, instead of stream it to a TV?

kingPoS3232d ago

I see bluray as merely the logical step from dvd.
Lets say Joe adverge doesn't have a pc or a reliable internet connection. But he has a huge amount of dvd's & a quickly amassing bluray collection. Should just he just not bother at all with disc bassed movies togather?
What should he do!

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