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NerdArray | Is Unity the end of Ubuntu?

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There has been a massive debate with Unity and Gnome 3, without shame I use Marmite to explain this: You either love it or you hate it and want to kill it with fire. (Yes, I did just use a British reference along with a meme in this article)

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Speed-Racer3834d ago

Please leave comments like these in the reports section next time.

Qrphe3833d ago

Ubuntu's share had been decreasing pre-Unity.

Finalfantasykid3833d ago

Maybe according to sites like DistroWatch, but in reality, Ubuntu's market share has probably never been higher.

MichaelFindlay3833d ago

I must admit that is why I put "According" I could not find any other data for cross distro data.

Finalfantasykid3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

If you look at the activity of the, there are always 5000+ people there. The linux mint forums, only usually have a couple hundred.

As an Ubuntu user, I have almost no use to go to Distrowatch, so I think their numbers are very biased.

Also, in case you have the wrong idea, I have nothing against Linux Mint, or any other distro, in fact I think the Cinnamon desktop environment is awesome, and I have Mint installed on my sister's computer. Personally though, I find that I can get stuff done the fastest with Unity, and I think it is the best middle ground between the traditional desktop, and all the crazy re-invention of the desktop, like Gnome Shell or Windows 8.

Gondee3833d ago

Mark just doesn't get it. You shouldn't switch UI's every upgrade. He should have built off one until he had a stable and unique feature set. Instead, the same fucking bugs get passed down while the team ports yet another GUI, just further destroying back compatibility. I know install the KDE and Gnome backend and run them still, but downloading 4 gigs of shit really shouldn't be necessary, and certainly doesn't help them with the newcomers to linux

Finalfantasykid3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I see it the other way around. I think the LTS releases would be what the average user should use (people who don't really care about how a computer works, just as long as it does work). Using an LTS release will allow them to stick with the same UI for many years. The 6 month releases are more for the users like myself who like to be using the latest software, kernels and UI designs. I always love where there is something new or changed in the desktop since it keeps it fresh. If everything stayed the same way for 10 years (*cough* XP *cough*), then I would be bored.

sjaakiejj3833d ago

Switched to Fedora myself, got fed up with the buggy Unity and the so-so Gnome Fallback mode, and just wanted a system that ran faster.

I wasn't new to Fedora though, I've been using it for 3 years alongside Ubuntu.

ThatHappyGamer3833d ago

You might wanna try Xubuntu 12.04. Its fast & stable. :)

sjaakiejj3832d ago

I have done in the past, though I prefer Gnome 3 over Xfce. Only thing I dislike about fedora is SELinux - it really gets in your way when developing web applications.

fatstarr3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

ubuntu is the onlythng keeping linux based systems relevant in the real world.

its the mainstream linux distro that actually holds market share.

I use/used all 3 flavors of OS and (windows , Linux(ubuntu,fedora,gnome,mint .suse),osx) cant say I never had an open mind.

and I prefer windows just for how easy and simple it is to use, and if you aren't the common idiot you rarely have problems.

ive had more stress trying to use osx, cause it sucks and its incompatible with a bunch of files and file systems that im used to.

linux is decent but going into elevated privileged and getting somethings to run can be stressing.

MichaelFindlay3833d ago

I agree to an extent with the getting elevated privileged access. As far as I am aware that can be tweaked so it asks you for permission less. But I personally prefer the security over not having the popup's.