Apple's Siri trounces Samsung's S Voice (hands-on)

CNet: I've updated this hands-on to reflect Siri's new tricks in iOS6; it originally posted June 21, 2012 comparing S Voice on the Galaxy S3 -- which is still current -- to Siri on iOS 5. If you're wondering, tomorrow I'll be comparing the updated Siri to Google Voice Actions.

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faizanshakyboy2221d ago

Amazing how much Samsung has copied Apple, once again. Sad and pathetic.

krazykombatant2221d ago

Right well lets hope that siri can teach you how to move around with the shitty new maps.

2220d ago
ame222220d ago


It wasn't their first iteration. Google maps was already well established by the time it went mobile. Apple maps on the other hand..

chukamachine2220d ago

It's amazing how many people think that Apple invented anything.

Apple are like Microsoft, they don't invent shit, they just buy and patent it.

Both siri and s voice work well, and both fuk up from time to time.

Thatguy-3102220d ago

It's sad that people actually use this features. They should stop trying to make it cool because it really isn't. Android doesn't put much emphasis on it like Apple because they're busy promoting other important features.

Moentjers2221d ago

"Both Siri and S Voice returned similar results for London's weather, just not exact forecasts."


iliimaster2220d ago

siri is a joke.... the commercials make it even more of a joke it reminds me of finallyfast.c o m commercials aimed at adults who dont know how to operate it...

KwietStorm2220d ago

Who cares about S voice, use Google Now.

BlmThug2220d ago

Google voice search trumps both hands down imo and my S3 has it so im happy :)