There Is No Such Thing As Time

Popular Science: Astrophysicist Adam Frank's new book mixes cosmology with humanity. How does our understanding of the universe and cosmic time inform our daily lives? Especially if time is an illusion?

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SJIND3235d ago

Time and Space are both inter-related, they cannot exist without a cause. Therefore according to ancient thinkers they are not real, so the universe is not real - it's hard to accept that concept but we'll eventually get there. How do you define space? You can recognize space only when it is occupied by a object in a particular state otherwise human mind cannot interpret what space is. If space is nothing, why do we talk about travelling through it?

KingPin3234d ago

wow scientist are starting to wake up. congratulations. how much billions did it take for you to find that out.

next weeks news, scientists conclude that both time and space are infinite.

tachy0n3234d ago

time is something thats passing from the 4th dimension to this dimension, we can only see its shadow in this dimension for example take a look at this video from carl seagan.

Crazay3234d ago

***blink blink***

Whatchoo talkin 'bout Willis?

I find it's best to NOT try and understand these discussions of time and space.

lorcraven3234d ago

Well I'm not gonna pretend I have a valid opinion on the matter, I'm no physicist, but it's an interesting read none the less.