Laser injection less painful than needles

BBC : A laser device for less painful injections has been developed by South Korean scientists.

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Dasteru3234d ago

Well its official, Hypo-sprays have arrived.

blumatt3234d ago

Trekkies unite. haha This is so cool!!

Grap3234d ago

we all read know that nano tech can do that

Speed-Racer3234d ago

MMMMM Heroin injections just got so less painful.

SilentNegotiator3234d ago

Sort of like Stickland Propane's tagline. Taste the meat, not the heat.

Uhhhh, except with heroin.

SilentNegotiator3234d ago

Racer-X thought that was funny?

That boy ain't right.

thorstein3234d ago

Does this mean you can't get an infectious blood born pathogen from sharing the "needle?"

Speed-Racer3234d ago

Correct, since it won't be making contact with your skin.

GrumpyVeteran3234d ago

I'm not so sure. Jet injectors have been around for a long time, used in mass inoculation drives in 3rd world countries and they found that diseases can spread by using it. It was conclusive to the point that WHO no longer recommends their use. Apparently even though the width required is small, diseases like hepatitis can get through. It's a fun idea, but this is firstly nothing new and I believe has no new means of dealing with contamination.

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