Microsoft Outfitting Employees With All New Windows 8 Phones, Tablets, and PC’s

Maximum PC: Dogfooding is a term you hear applied to software companies quite often, however Microsoft is taking it to a whole new level. We’ve heard on more than one occasion that Microsoft believes they are betting the company on Windows 8, and what better way to go all in than to make your employees use it full time.

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newsguy3244d ago

windows 8 on tablets: that's where it belongs!

KingPin3244d ago

this is a good thing.

it gives developers a sense of what consumers have to deal with when it comes to annoying bugs. hopefully they can better the product through their own personal experiences. all companies should do this.

fanze1003243d ago

I think nearly a third of these MS employees have been dogfooding Win 8 since mid July.