Samsung Continues To Make Fun Of Apple With Their “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” Ad

TechDeville: After losing a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple last month Samsung is still not ready to back their anti-Apple campaign. After numerous “Samsunged” ads their latest campaign shows how “it doesn’t take a genius” to choose the better phone between the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III.

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Speed-Racer2276d ago

Not an Apple fan but this is a stupid comparison. What about the features offered on the iPhone 5? Also why are they comparing a non-LTE model to an LTE model? I think this sums it up.

Aussiegamer2276d ago

Racer, they are actually comparing the lte model vs lte model.

The s3 LTE model comes with 2gb ram, the non lte model doesn't.

All in all I think Apple has been the bully of the industry for the past 2 years, they are bullying other competitors by suing over patents. Apple in this just seem to have their back up over the fact that the s3 is a heap better phone.

Speed-Racer2276d ago

The talk times are wrong though. They're much lower on AT&T, Verizon, etc. I definitely see your point in terms of bullying but I don't see why they left out the software side of things in the comparison. Someone who is new to the whole scene might assume Apple has nothing to offer versus what Samsung listed. Unfortunately it's still not cut and dry but both are very comparable. I thought I saw them list it as quad core as well but that was left out (my bad on that). Even with Apple being the bullies, they are setting their own trap of failure. This model was a huge disappointment in terms of what they offered last year. I can't see the argument of incremental updates applying because the time period is too long. I would just stick with a 4S and upgrade to iOS6.

Jonoc332276d ago

Wow, Samsung's ad doesn't even take into account any of the iPhone's specific and unique features, and just throws out a whole bunch of random software functions.

tachy0n2276d ago

unique features like the rectangle shape?

CerebralAssassin2276d ago

It wasn't their goal to actually compare the phones. Of course the iPhone has more to offer. But why would they make the iPhone look good when they are trying to sell their own phone?

Dasteru2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )


Errr, Should i assume you are being sarcastic? or did you really just not read the advert?

The Iphone 5 is made to look like a toy in comparison in that ad. The S3 is so undeniably better its laughable.

The only part of the ad that showed an advantage for the IP5 was on weight. 3.95oz vs 4.7oz

KingPin2276d ago

care to give us examples of what more the iphone has to offer than the s3. it would be nice to see what you talking of.

CerebralAssassin2275d ago

Seeing as how iPhone has been around as long as it has and the fact you post on this site I'm assuming your a techy so honestly I feel like your attempting to troll by asking such a pointless question you can look up yourself. I don't see the point to convince you that the sky is blue. That exactly what your request is to me. We all know the difference. Simple as that. Samsung is pissed about losing $1 billion. That's it. iPhone is 1 of the best phones you can get. Whether you want the unecessary bells and whistles or not.

CerebralAssassin2275d ago

Dasteru, I wasn't giving my opinion on which phone was better. I was simply pointing out the point of the marketing strategy. No company will list anything from a competitor that could potentially be better. If they did, that 1 little thing could make or break a sale. Just looking at it from a marketing stand point. It is a great strategy. Not denying that.

Dasteru2275d ago


Ahh i see it now, just looked back at what you were replying to. Read it out of context before.

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DaThreats2276d ago

This is what happens cause Steve Jobs dies
They don't know what to do with their hardware improvements now