The iPhone 5 is Here! But I'm Not Sold

Josh Brown of writes - "With the same camera, marginal updates of iOS6 and lack of a considerate screen improvement in turn with the iPad – Apple have done little to really set this apart from it’s competitors or even it’s model from the previous year. It’s safe to say the difficult choice between me replacing my now out of production iPhone 3GS with either a Lumia 920 or an iPhone 5 has been made for me courtousy of Apple themselves – and Lumia is their choice."

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thebudgetgamer3845d ago

Sounds like Apple hate at work here.
"There's a new camera in the iPhone 5 that has an 8-megapixel sensor, backside illumination, and a five-element lens. What this means, is a much better, more tricked-out camera than the iPhone has ever had before. The new iPhone also includes a sapphire crystal lens that sharpens images, and reduces digital noise, while also speeding up the time it takes to snap a picture. Apple also showed off a new panorama feature built-in to the iPhone 5 and a better FaceTime camera that will work when you're on a call. Both worked great in my mini-test."

Tastynoodle3845d ago

Certainly not hate work, I've adored my 3GS for years and I get the majority of my work done on my iPad. I just don't feel as if the iPhone 5 is doing enough for me to upgrade. I'll still feel as if I'm using my 3GS only with a nicer camera.

I'm not going to go against your word if you had the privilege to try the thing out today, I'm just about in the mood for a switch to another OS and the iPhone 5 + iOS 6 isn't enough to keep that from happening - Though my iPad will remain close to me for a while yet.

thebudgetgamer3845d ago

I apologize for the Apple hate thing it happens a lot here. The problem is when you say it's the same camera in the first sentence when it is clearly not it's hard to take the rest seriously.