Snag a Samsung Galaxy S III for $99.99 for a Limited Time

Maximum PC: In just a few days, Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5, and if you find that about as exciting as watching paint dry, perhaps Amazon has something that's a little more up your alley. For a "very limited time only" (how very limited, we don't know), you can pick up Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III device for a Benjamin ($99.99 shipped), plus a $35 activation fee, provided you agree to a two-year service agreement.

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newsguy3240d ago

what? that's so cheap!

LackTrue4K3240d ago

my sister has this phone (that bitch) and i got an old black joke. im hatting on her for having it.....its really cool, and its big ass hell to. its almost a dam tablet!

Terarmzar3239d ago

Pshh i went from the Blackberry Torch and recently got the Samsung Galaxy Note, i constantly hear:
That thing is huge!
Is it a tablet?
Does it fit in your pocket, and so on. i do have the otterbox case which makes it appear bulkier.

LackTrue4K3239d ago

@Tazz1992 thats cool, im getting an upgrade this month from sprint....and i want somthing Samsung, i like my black berry but i got to try somthing newer. You recommend any...?

Soldierone3240d ago

They always lose me at "with 2 year agreement" Amazon always has killer deals, then it says that and I walk away. Same with every phone at a major phone store....its annoying.

"you dont want contract? then it 600 dolla!"

fatstarr3240d ago

that contract shit is bullshit to the next level. -_-

I just want
30$ for unlimited data
20$ for unlimited text
and 200 mins for talk
is that so hard to ask for.

Soldierone3240d ago

I remember gasping on to a plan like that from Verizon. They did it (unlimited everything with 500 minutes for like 60-70 bucks), we got it, and hung on to it for as long as possible. EVERY single time we upgraded phones they tried to get rid of it, and we spent a week getting it back. Then they would pull every last excuse out of the bag to cancel that contract and plan to make us go to their overpriced limited plans.....

Finally just hit a point where they simply wouldn't let us have it anymore. Either we upgraded the phone or kept the deal, and my phone was broken so we had no choice. Now we have unlimited text, free Verizon-to-verizon minutes but 500 elsewhere, and a capped data plan.....

evil_element3240d ago

Even if it was $10 I still wouldn't buy it.

blumatt3240d ago

I'm an apple guy and even I admit the S3 is a badass phone. I had a Galaxy Note but swapped back for a 4s.

evil_element3240d ago

I seen these sale pitches before. Amazing phone only for a week before its super seceded and crowds of people start talking about the next one.

fatstarr3240d ago

its that 2 year plan. I already have my plan with my grandfathered in unlimited data. im good

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