Where next for Apple?

techradar - Thanks to the enormous success of the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone and the Mac, Apple is now at the most momentous point in its 28-year history. It's incredibly rich - richer than Microsoft and Google, and richer than some European countries.

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caseh3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

"It's in the mobile gaming space where Apple has had the biggest impact."

Hello, wakey wakey, anybody home? Apple don't even have a dedicated mobile gaming platform, its a f*cking phone/tablet. And theres no 'killer combination' of features thats making games sell, its just sheer numbers of people who own the above devices. No different to the volume of software shunted across the Android market but that isn't a viable basis for an Android console.

Personally i'd love to see Apple enter the console market with a dedicated device, we'll see how far they get this time around lol.

KingPin3671d ago

i dont want Apple anywhere near the gaming market.

they'll patent and then sue sony, MS and nintendo for putting buttons on their controllers. or for them having touch screens in future consoles. heck, theyll probably sue sony for having a rectangular box with rounded corners. or ms for an xmb. who knows. seen em sue for dumb shit before and win. They are ruining the market for consumers.

Agent_hitman3671d ago

Gaming industry will be happy if Apple enters console segment..

sikbeta3671d ago


Reasonable people = "what!? they're f*#$king crazy!?"

Apple zealots = "gimme 10... take all my moniez!!!!"

hahahaha... worst thing, it may actually happen :(