Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung ATIV S: Spec Comparison

Mobile & Apps: "Windows Phone 8 is getting all the attention it deserves following the unveiling of both the Samsung ATIV S and the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones. Both of these devices are expected to lead the charge later in the year against the iPhone 5, and from what is said on paper, things could finally go Microsoft's way."

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Gondee3250d ago

Who cares about the specs with windows phones. They all have above minimum benchmarks for windows phone. That said, nokia builds a wayyyy better phone than samsung. Im not into cheap thin plastic....

If you can twist the phone with your two hands, (one hand on top and bottom of the phone) then it wont last 2 years of hard drops, twisting in your pocket, banging around in your backpack, and grinding against tables. At least thats how i judge it.

mcstorm3250d ago

I agree. I have a lumia 900 and i dropped it the other week and it just scuffed the corner of the phone where my pst phone the sgs2 was dropped and it messed up the case and scratched the screen. I was never a nokia fan until the 800 and 900 amd i have to say my next phone will be a nokia too.