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Nokia Lumia 920 PureView Smashes The iPhone 4S And Galaxy S3 In Camera Challenge

Mobile & Apps: "Nokia officially unveiled the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 a few days ago. The Finnish company is determined to prove to the world that the Lumia 920 is "the" smartphone to get this holiday season."

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Gondee3247d ago

I wonder how it will stack up against the iPhone 5 though, because that is what it honestly will be competing with.

NewMonday3246d ago

if Nokia only used Android, they have great cameras and great design but exclusive to windows

all the Samsung Galaxy success could have be theirs

aviator1893246d ago

My contract is already up for renewal so I'll definitely be getting the lumia 920 this fall. Red should look awesome on it.

mcstorm3246d ago

I agree. A lot of people said that WP was the wrong choice for Nokia but I don't think it is. Ok its not got a big market share compared to Android and Iphone but if you look at the android market share it is really made up of Samsung devices than any other device.

WP7 was never going to hit the ground running and it was never going to out sell Android or IOS it was all about getting the name out there and if you look at how well the Lumia 800 and 900 have sold since coming out in some of the Android and IOS strong markets you have to say Nokia are going in the right directions as the Lumia 800 and 900 were not high end devices but the design is what helped sell the phone. Now MS have got WP8 to support high end devices it will now let Nokia push the OS and help WP8 take 3rd spot in the Market.

I have the lumia 900 and I really like the phone. I had the Titan before the 900 and even though I think a bigger screen is better for me the 900 is better in everyway than the Titan in looks software screen brightness and exclusive apps and in 12 months I will be looking at a Nokia again.

fatstarr3246d ago

technically the phone was meant to be a camera first.

but im proud of it
Nokia Is really fighting for some market share for Microsoft.
more than Microsoft is doing themselves.

this is gonna be another hot seller.

abzdine3246d ago

Sony Xperia S smashes all 3 of them coming to Camera and image quality (12MP baby)


caseh3246d ago

Who in their right mind is going to buy a PHONE based on its CAMERA?

Windoze mobile is horrible, Lumia even more so.

aviator1893246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

The thing is, it isn't just about the camera. It's just a really nice extra in addition to other features.

WP8 on Lumia 920 has several great things going for it, imo.