Amazon to Apple: the game starts now

The Verge-"The key moment in Jeff Bezos's keynote announcing Amazon's new Paperwhite Kindle and Kindle Fire models came before he introduced any of the new hardware. "People don't want gadgets any more," Bezos declared, explaining why the Kindle Fire had succeeded where other gadgety Android tablets had failed. "They want services that improve over time. They want services that improve every day, every week, and every month." This statement of purpose signals a new phase in Amazon's evolution as a company, and its singular, emerging take on the developing consumer marketplace, and how it's positioning itself towards its broad field of competitors."

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Mark4843251d ago

To be honest, Amazon’s business model makes sense. A tablet is so far just a consumption devices for most people. Why charge more for the devices itself when more money can be made from the content you are going to provide through. Amazon looks set to be a major force in the tablet market if they are not already. It will soon be a race to the bottom on the prices of tablets and Amazon and Google with Kindle and Nexus tablets could under cut both W8 and IOS heavily.