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Apple lists 8 Samsung products it wants banned

News10: Apple Inc. has submitted a list of eight Samsung Electronics Co. products it wants pulled from shelves and banned from the U.S. market.

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bahabeast3182d ago

apple your going out of control about now. samsung isnt the onli company you should go after thier are some others that according to you copied you design.

iamnsuperman3182d ago

What I don't get is the design thing. Apple were not the first to do the square design and also isn't the big issue about consumers getting confused between the two. Well if someone can mistake a Samsung phone for and iphone when the logos are not only completely but the phones themselves have visible differences ( I managed to by my iphone without getting mixed up with a Samsung one). I do not mind them wanting a ban on products that have apple patented tech inside the device but the way it looks??? Abusing the system

News4Noobs-3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

But what you don't get is that lately, every android is coming with the front and rear camera, volume buttons, home button, speakers and pretty much everything on the same position (same look) that Apple is doing it. Every time apple invent something, new way to use things (like new interface), functions and even products, you see smart phones coming the same way... Just like the iPhone 4, we were used to see black phones (most of them), but once apple came with a white phone, now new phones are coming white, not that apple invented the white color, but the point is that not one uses something until Apple start with it. Conclusion? Copying apple

You will see apple with a new phone with no buttons at all (if they do)... Watch all the other companies doing that after that.

killerhog3181d ago

I had devices that were white and had built in speakers way before ipods and iphobes dude and volume buttons on the upper left side. The only thing I give apple credit for is front and rear camera.

badz1493181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

look at this and tell me if that doesn't look like an iPhone 4 to you design-wise! and it's WHITE! Samsung released this in 2009 and iPhone 4 was announced in 2010!

stop being blind! Apple is not 1st to make a smartphone and definitely not the 1st to design something rectangular with rounded corner! but they are certainly the 1st to abuse the design patent for this design! typical Apple patent trolling!

NewMonday3181d ago

the Galaxy s1&s2 looked like a bigger Iphone 3, and their are other models that also look like it

that's where the trouble started, the Galaxy initial popularity was from copying

GribbleGrunger3181d ago

Thank Christ Apple couldn't patent numbers

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geth1gh3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Google now owns motorola and that is one of the companies apple has been picking on. Just read a article yesterday about how google is now suing apple and have plans to get every ipod, iphone, and ipad banned.

Now will something that extreme happen? No. Will apple run back to California with it's tail between it's legs? If there is one company on this planet that can do it, it's google.


evil_element3182d ago

Lol, Google has run out of proxy companies to use to attack Apple.

Let the battle begin.

Question for Android users: Why do people defend Google who sell your name, address, cell numbers, date of birth and other info for pure profit? Yet you defend the thief's running away with your identity.

spektical3181d ago

@evil_element you are delusional if you think apple isnt doing the same. You don't need an email, social network, etc to do this, a simple music provider, browser, and closed propietery abilities is all you need. Apple fits all of those very nicely.

Now I'm not defending google, but right now the enemy of my enemy is your friend, certainly applies. apple needs to be crushed, and google has a patent powerhouse in motorolla.

geth1gh3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )


Yea apple is doing the same. It is also a lot easier to get around this with android, one of the main things being DON'T install the play store.Also get orbot (TOR for android).

This will turn your android cell phone into one of the most anonymous cellular devices around.

You can't blame a specific company for "spying" on you these days. Sadly it's the type of society we live in where it goes unquestioned and almost universally required. If you want true anonymity, you have to do it yourself.

I hate to say it but I think it's quite obvious how much more the US government will be in a police state in even 5 years.

evil_element3182d ago

Might want to brush up on your English.

SITH3182d ago

He is from the bahamas. The official language is English, so I would have to agree.

Kaneda3181d ago

Samsung is the one that is out of control!

killerhog3181d ago

According to commenters the first dock was used in the Arthur operating system in 1987 before nextstep and apple.

SilentNegotiator3181d ago

"samsung isnt the onli company you should go after thier are some others that according to you copied you design"

But no one is as big of a threat to them as Samsung. That's why.

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Darkspade3182d ago

Apple would go outta business if they didn't Sue everyone..

It's becoming a Joke. Google needs to sue over the Pull down Notification bar..

I'd Never buy an Apple Product again

geth1gh3182d ago

Look at comment above. Google IS suing apple now.

LOL_WUT3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Well played Apple, well played ;)

This list shouldn't be a big issue for Apple.

Aussiegamer3181d ago

Either you are racers troll account, or racer finds you interesting, thats the only way you have 3 bubbles still.

NovusTerminus3182d ago

I gotta get my GS2 fast... Just to piss off Apple.

I like Samsung, and I hope Google shreds Apple over the notification bar!

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