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Best Android Features That Can Be Integrated In Apple iOS

TechFlashed : Apple is known for its innovation but there are numerous things where we can say Android is ahead of Apple and perhaps it wouldn't be wrong to assume that in the near future Apple may learn some things from Android.Android 4.1 is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet with improvements throughout the platform and they have added interactive features for users and developers. But beware apple is not new in the business - Apple could bounce back with iOS 6 and has the potential to hit Android hard .

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tachy0n3820d ago

more like how many things apple can rip off from android like the notification drop down menu.....

KwietStorm_BLM3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Beat me to it . I'm surprised apple hasn't sued them for it already.

fatstarr3820d ago

its just proof that Android is #1.
lol I can see it now

apple fans: " omg omg apple is so smart creating this pattern unlock. android ripped it from apple shame on them"

Soldierone3820d ago

Can't stand that....Happened when I worked with Mac fanboys all the time.

"Omg! They thought of this its so awesome!" Then I'm like "uhh, so and so did that already....its nothing new."

The worst is "oh they copied Apple!" when its the other way around.

AgentWhite3820d ago

Apple in its next ios upgrades may integrate some of these features very smartly . The qusetion is how apple can act smart so that they do not look copied .

AgentWhite3820d ago

Canl apple come up with few new innovations ?

NovusTerminus3820d ago

Apple can take them, and sue everyone over them, claiming they created them.

Jonoc333820d ago

I love how all you Android fanboys complain about how Apple "steals stuff" and is "number 1" and all this other crap. To be quite honest, I don't think anybody cares about these facts at all. Both phones have their ups and downs.

Remember that Apple basically reinvented this new smartphone industry. If anything, Android stole a hell of a lot and just took it further.

CerebralAssassin3820d ago

I'm rather tired of this android vs apple crap myself. If you like unstable android phone more power to ya. If you like mainstream pay for everything you do apple then get it. Either shut the hell up already nobody cares which phone you think is better. All I can say is you don't see a new iPhone every 3 months. Android phones are getting milked like no other. Personally I'd like to see a good windows phone that is really supported with the amount of apps apple has. That would be great for me.

KwietStorm_BLM3819d ago

lol that's like saying Windows PCs are getting milked like no other. Android is a licensed OS, not a phone. What do you expect? Is it bad that we have options?

CerebralAssassin3814d ago

To kwietstorm:

Options aren't bad at all. But when you see a new android phone out every other month it can create a lot of buyers remorse. If nothing else I'd like to see more options in terms do OS. And windows PC represents an OS not the pc itself.the pc can be upgraded without having to purchase an entire new pc. So I think your comment was wrong. They don't come out with a new OS every other month either.

Crazay3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

" Apple basically reinvented this new smartphone industry"?!?!?

0.o Really?!?

Do you even realize how asinine that comment is? Let's think about this for a moment...The concept of smart phones ...OH YEA!!! Created and implemented by RiM loong before Steve "Look at my how progressive my fancy turtleneck is" Jobs even sniffed the industry. That was back in the late 90s. I even had the opportunity to see an early BB back then as myself and one of my coworkers sold RIM some of their first computers when they got their Venture Capital.

Some people's children... Reading what some people deem as reality gives me motrin pain.

spunkee3113819d ago

I completely agree Jonoc,

let me start off by saying these features mentioned above don't really interest me all that much.
I've had an apple phone since the 3GS. For me personally, I love the iPhone. Its features and ease is exactly, what I want personally for my phone. I was never ever a fan of Android. My ex has the myTouch 3g and my parents had the EVO and I thought they were horrible. Very laggy, glitchy. Didn't like a lot of stuff which is too much to mention. With that being said, once the Galaxy came out I was amazed. This is finally what android and a phone should be. THe Galaxy 2 and 3 are finally the first Android to impress me.

gdguide3820d ago

Apple stole stuff and Android stole stuff. Apple was the first to bring some of this to a smartphone, but some of it was already there with palm pilots, some with Windows Tablet PCs, and some with other phones. It just pisses me off when Apple claims everyone is just copying them and they are the only innovators in features consumers want. A heck of a lot of features were there before Apple, and Apple were just copying the same ideas to a smartphone.