Alleged Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II official photo surfaces

GSM Arena: The official announcement of the Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II is just a couple of weeks away now, but only now we see what the new phoneblet might actually look like. We just got an alleged photo of the upcoming device, which reveals its front panel.

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dilawer3872d ago

latest build leaks pretty much hint towards a sooner launch.

sandman2243872d ago

Is jelly bean a big improvement over ice cream sandwich? Just curious I have an iPhone 4 and thought about going to the s3. Mainly because they say jelly bean is availible on the 29th and improves lag and loading of apps and web browser. Is this true?

lordgreeg3872d ago

Where should I start? Well, Jelly Bean will be a major update over Ice Cream Sandwich. JB fixes almost everything that Google did wrong in ICS. First of all, users will get Google Now. For those who don't know, Google Now will be a Siri-like personal assistant, the only difference is that Siri is wrong most of the times, while Google Now is right most of the times and it's a lot more useful than Siri.
The second most important feature (IMO) is Vsync timing and Triple buffering. This means that EVERYTHING will load faster in JB. And I mean everything: apps, touch interaction, website rendering, etc. By getting a smoother UI, Android will get rid of that "popular" and annoying lag. The touchscreen will no longer feel inferior to the one found on the iPhone because JB devices will respond faster.
Let's go on with improved notifications support, voice search, and camera application among others. JB devices will take far better photos, and they will understand what the users say even though they have British, Scottish, and Aussie accents. Oh, and about the notifications, users will be able to disable them and to have better control over app behavior.
I could go on until tomorrow, but you could probably get a lot more information from people who reviewed JB on tech blogs.

sandman2243872d ago

Thanks for taking the time to help explain. Looks like iPhone will be out of my life and android will move in. That's big news, jelly bean rocks. I gave you a plus sign next to your bubble. You deserve another one.

josephps33872d ago

@ lordgreeg. wow thx that was really helpful. Too lazy to google and search for more info. You've basically summed it nicely for us :)