Nokia X2 gunned down in Syria, saves the life of its owner

PC Germs: Can you forget the Nokia 3310? Well, I am pretty sure none of you would and you know why I am saying this. Nokia X2-00 carries the same origin as yesterday a photo of bulleted Nokia X2-00 was posted on the wall of “The Nokia Expert”. It was an incident that was reported to take place in Syria.

gaffyh4305d ago

It's like when Chris Tucker is stabbed by that sword in Rush Hour 2, except real 0_0.


OneAboveAll4304d ago

Doesn't surprise me. It's a NOKIA after all. lol

KingPin4304d ago

its stories like this that make me wish cellphones don't get slimmer.


Nokia X2-02 dual-SIM music phone dials in

Pocket-Lint: Nokia has announced its latest handset. But there's no need to get too excited. It isn't the much rumoured next Windows Phone instalment from the Finnish company, but the latest in a long, long line of Symbian handsets - a platform that is clinging on to life despite attacks from all angles.

The Nokia X2-02 is a Series 40, dual-SIM music featurephone with the Easy Swap SIM system in place, meaning that it can handle five different SIMs without you ever needing to reboot.

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