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Large Ukraine-based BitTorrent site Demonoid shut down

BBC NEWS: Ukrainian authorities have taken down, one of the world's largest torrent file-sharing sites...

Soldierone4134d ago

Cool, now they will use that to open 5 other ones and push there traffic there.

NovusTerminus4134d ago

They were Ukrainian? That's news to me...

But yeah, this will just be replaced by three more.


With so many entertainment options, video piracy is on the rise again

From Netflix to Hulu to Apple, it seems everyone is producing original video content or plan to be soon. Couple this with so many services now in the hunt to secure streaming rights to existing content, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BitTorrent usage and piracy is on the rise again.

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BitTorrent Fires CEOs, Closes Los Angeles Studio, Shutters BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent has fired its two co-CEOs Robert Delamar and Jeremy Johnson and laid of an unknown number of staffers, Variety has learned from multiple sources. BitTorrent CFO Dipak Joshi has stepped in as interim CEO.


Indian ISPs Speed Up BitTorrent by 'Peering' With a Torrent Site

Several Internet providers in India have found a clever way to reduce the load BitTorrent transfers put on their network, while pleasing their torrenting subscribers at the same time. They've teamed up with which offers a fully fledged torrent search engine that connects users to 'local' peers to guarantee maximum download speeds.

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