Is this the ‘iPhone 5′?

TFP: Chinese iPhone supplier, iLab Factory, has leaked photos of what is alleged to be an assembled version of the next iPhone.

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Speed-Racer3461d ago

Ehh... guess you really have to wait till it comes out, but if this is it... I'd pity the Apple folks buying this and shelling out hundreds to get it. Can't they come up with something new by new. iOS 6 better be killer to justify this shell.

fatstarr3461d ago

same phone
same os
same deja vu for another year.

its what apple iusers crave.

simonrope3461d ago

Nail on the head right there.

3461d ago
Kaneda3461d ago

headphone jack at the bottom of the iphone?

GuyThatPlaysGames3460d ago

Sounds like a bunch of Fandroids on this article lol. You all come here to troll???

KingPin3460d ago

nope, came here to see what Apples new product looks like with respect to the other manufacturers.

can you blame us for not being excited looking at a 5 year old design?

GuyThatPlaysGames3460d ago

@Kingpin If you got a perfect design, why change it? If you want the phone to work with all the existing docks and other accessories then it doesn't need to be changed.The iPhone does everything a "phone" needs to do.I'm wondering why everyone says other phones are better. What is it that the iPhone can't do that makes the other phones sooo much better?

KingPin3460d ago

thats the thing, who says its perfect. they could change it up a lil. you know, give customers more variety. maybe add a qwerty keyboard as an extra. coz not everyone loves touch screens only coz apple says they must.

heck, you know what happens when you keep releasing a phone that looks exactly the same with new hardware, take a look at blackberry.

last time i checked they not doing too great.

but yeah, your mind is already made up so no point in having a discussion with you.

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Speed-Racer3461d ago

*facepalm* it looks just like the current iPhone.

gaffyh3461d ago

Well not exactly like it, but very similar. I'm more bothered about what it can do more than what it looks like. Although I do like the back a lot more than the current iPhone, at least it doesn't look so fragile.

eferreira3461d ago

yup why mess with a good thing. will still fit in my apple media devices too.

Crazay3461d ago

OH MY GOD DUDE! Really?!?

That looks sexy? No sir. Olive Oyle is sexier. She may be ugly, but at least she has some minor curves and she's not an A-hole.

iSpy3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Its Not New iPhone.
Apple can do better than this. . .

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KingPin3460d ago

you are the most misunderstood person on the site.

your comments are genius.

people should read your comment...pause.....then read your nick and they will know why you say what you said.

mamotte3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

tbh, it could be the first iPhone. Or the second. Or the third. Or the fourth. Or maybe a prototype for the sixth. Looks exactly the same to me. Still sells like hotcakes.

Dubblewhopper3461d ago

It is still a craptastic piece of crapware! I would rather still use a rotary phone :)

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The story is too old to be commented.