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CM Storm Stryker Case Review @ Custom PC Review

CPCR: "Meet the CM Storm Stryker. When I got my first glimpse of the CM Storm Stryker, I thought it was a brand new case. While it looked near identical to the CM Storm Trooper, it had a white paintjob, some beautiful white LED fans lighting up the black mesh up front and, perhaps the biggest improvement, a windowed sidepanel. The combination of the name change along with the new aesthetics really got me thinking Cooler Master had unveiled a whole new case..."

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INehalemEXI3465d ago

I was looking at the box/cube looking cases for my next rig but this is nice o0'.

2pacalypsenow3465d ago

Now i regret buying a cosmos II instead of this

Software_Lover3464d ago

I'm done with huge case builds. Now I go for small and sexy lol. Powerful small builds are the way to go, especially when it comes to aesthetics.