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Chicago teens charged in fatal beating posted on Facebook

CBS News : The three suspects, ages 16, 18 and 18, face first-degree murder charges for the death of a disabled 62-year-old man.

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Crazay3421d ago

I'm sorry but this kind of shit really fucking pisses me off. What in the sam hell is wrong with people today - kids especially. Firstly kids have no respect for anything or anyone and while I'm sure the same was said about my generation at one time but honestly? We weren't killing people and getting away with it because there was no video evidence were we? I mean jeasus christ its shit like this that makes me fear for what mind of things my daughter is going to have to endure. I'm just glad they caught the little bastards. There's something to be said about kids who do adult crimes doing adult time but they'll probably get out of jail when they turn 18 and be right back out there.


Crazay3421d ago

Hardly one that should be accepted. Maybe if all the bleeding hearts would stop being such pansies, and they threw the book at people like this it wouldn't be such "a harsh reality".

specialguest3421d ago

When I was a teen, I knew guys who did violent things to other rival gang members, but never to innocent by standards, especially older folks. This is truly sickening and low.

ProjectVulcan3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago ) is worse than that.

"Mora's family says the father of 12 was disabled because of a workplace injury and was in the alley collecting aluminum cans to earn money for his family."

A disabled old man scraping a living. Maybe its to add to the shock of it all but if true that is just unbelievable.

Lock them up and throw away the key

Kurylo3d3420d ago

I say death penalty. Forget locking them up. They are shit to this world and should be removed.

AgentWhite3421d ago

Death Will Ease their pain so fast . Death Is too small for this crime.

Kurylo3d3420d ago

Death will not only ease pain, it will make sure they cant go back to doing it again.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3421d ago

Illinois abolished the death penalty last year. They're looking at 20-60 years.

Torkith3421d ago

Should be tried as adults. No question.

dazzrazz3421d ago

They should take all those three motherfuckers and gas em in a chamber or put down by lethal injections, and that's how example should be set !

stuna13420d ago

The sad reality of this situation is it's only going to get worse, until we as citizens stop letting others tell us how to chastize our childen, and we start raising them like our great grandparents raised their children!

Back then you couldn't even think about disrespecting your elders. Now all the youth of today have to say is their going to call the county on you, and they pretty much get away with murder!

Why o why3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Im with you. The government has systematically taken our parental power away. Im now being told i cant smack my child in public here in the uk. There was 1 case where an off duty police officer followed a parent home after they witnessed them smacking their child in order to bring a charge to that same parent. Teachers cant tell our kids much either. As parents some of us must take responsibility. Back our teachers to discipline our kids not go to war with them because our childrens ipod got confiscated.. The break up of the family was always the end game. Step by step each brick is placed.

Despite what ive said i do acknowledge there are and have been some woeful parents teachers etc that abuse their power.....its not them im supporting in any way shape of form

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The story is too old to be commented.