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A Weekend With the Google Nexus 7

RPad.TV's Raymond Padilla shares his thoughts on the Google Nexus 7 after spending a weekend with the Asus-built Android tablet. He writes, "After using it for a weekend, I’m hugely impressed with the Nexus 7. It beats the pants off of the similarly priced Kindle Fire and offers nearly as much tablet computing as the iPad 2012 for less than half the price. It’s a powerful and well-built product that’s relatively inexpensive. That said, it’s not going to replace my iPad 2012 any time soon. I love comics too much and iOS still has the better software selection."

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Crazay3430d ago

Good write up. I liked it alot. Does it feel at all like all that black space around the edges is just a huge waste when looking at the screen?

rpad3430d ago

The bezel isn't bad for viewing. I definitely appreciate it during use.