How to Put a Movie Theater in Your Home on the Cheap

Lifehacker: Movie tickets are becoming more and more expensive, and with quick home releases there are fewer reasons to make a trip to the theater. You may get an enormous screen and high quality sound, but you can also have that in your home for a lot less than you'd think. With a little extra work and know-how, you can put a movie theater in your home on the cheap.

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Crazay3427d ago

Not a bad little article. I did mine fairly inexpensively kinda in the same way but my folks bought me the projector and screen for Christmas. Due to my space restraints and the fact that the basement (although smallish in size) is finished and I didn;t want to start busting holes in the walls so I got myself a Yamaha Sound Projector. The YSP 3000 was a perfect solution for me and there's not a day that I regret my purchase.

One of the other features I love about the Yamaha Sound projectors is the "My Beam" function that actually focuses the sound in a smaller area thereby allowing me to use the home theater when my daughter is in bed because you can't actually hear nearly as much sound when outside of that area.