This is what Windows Phone on a BlackBerry would probably look like

TechDeville: "This mockup is what the joint venture might look like. While it’s clearly a hasty photoshop job, the reality wouldn’t be too far away. The signature BlackBerry design with the elegance of Windows Phone. It is a striking combination. But it will probably never be true, not at least in the near future."

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WhatsApp won't work on these phones anymore

WhatsApp announced ending support for some phones, and it won't work on them. The popular messaging platform, owned by Facebook, has updated its support

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Windows Phone Failed As I Was Distracted By An Antitrust Case: Bill Gates

Moreover, the world influenced by Android and iOS the company has been accommodated, he is not excessively anxious for the future of Microsoft.

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Facebook and BlackBerry are heading to court over voice messaging patents

There’s a new battle commencing between Facebook and BlackBerry. On Tuesday, the social network sued the phone maker over alleged infringement of six patents. Of these, one is related to a voice message feature in BBM Enterprise.

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