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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! The ’80s Brick Phone, Now With Bluetooth

Wired: At least, that’s what Shisa Labs is hoping, with their Retro Brick Bluetooth handset, launching tomorrow, July 13, on Kickstarter. If you weren’t old enough or wealthy enough to have that ultimate ’80s status symbol, the Motorola DynaTAC, this $85 accessory gives you a second chance. But no matter how gung-ho you are to rep your retro cred, don’t ditch that smartphone — the Retro Brick only operates in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled handset. And don’t forget your man-bag; this 13-inch whopper won’t be going in your pocket anytime soon.

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Captain Tuttle2289d ago

HaHa! When I first met my wife she had one of those mobile phones in a bag, thing was huge. This was a step up.

Yeah, I know I'm old.

Speed-Racer2288d ago

I remember those. When I was a kid, I used to think only rich people could afford those LOL

bahabeast2288d ago

back in those brick phone days onli rich people could afford i remember when i was a kid you had to have atleast $500 to waste if you wanted a cell phone and thats just connection and rental fee. gsm came to the bahamas when i was in grade 12 soo 2003. technology has changed soo much even though my country is kinda lagging were not too bad.