We're All Internet Addicts, And We're All Screwed, Says Newsweek

Forbes : I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet, you see. And it’s making me crazy.

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AgentWhite2295d ago

Internet has become the favorite hotspot for everyone . Yes , indeed we like it .

Flavor2294d ago

I see what the net and wireless devices are doing to kids.

They are being deformed by this stuff and they don't have a choice.

No, I don't love it.

mushroomwig2294d ago

What are you talking about? Take that tinfoil hat off.

Speed-Racer2294d ago

@Flavor - What are you smoking, cause I want some of that stuff.

cb4g2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Stress weed? No thanks

KingPin2295d ago

well its convenient. but that doesnt mean we need to over use it. like everything, internet also needs to be "handled" in moderation. too much is not good for you.

keeping other non-technological hobbies is key to a balance life. play sports/social activites <where u actually meet people in person> is a start.

AgentWhite2294d ago

Maintaining a proper balance between the internet and other activities is very difficult as i have lots of work to do on internet . I definitely agree with you as internet is nothing but a virtual world . Real life fun cannot be compared with the fun that we achieve through internet.

Hayabusa 1172294d ago

The internet is a way to connect people and experiences, simple. Made a funny skate boarding video with your friends? Post it online and it can potentially bring happiness to millioms of people. Sure you can meet people playing sports, you can also meet alot more people on the internet who have more in common with you than a single sport. You can find more music, places, activites, e.t.c. through the internet then if you spent your entire life travelling the world. That's how great our planet is.

The internet, like all forms of technology, is something that can improve life. Life is not any one single thing, which is why people who make one thing their life end up miserable and unhappy. Life a wide range of experiences, and the internet can help us find new ones :)

technologist2294d ago

all things at one place like entertainment , knowledge, porn,social networking sites to connect with friends and etc is a main reason for this addiction.

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Straightupbeastly2294d ago

Not even close. I'm on the net 24-7 and when the power went out here for 4 days during last years Halloween snow storm I was not fiending for the net at all. I wanted heat and a hot meal more than anything.

I'll tell you what though, I felt much more clear headed without technology for a few days

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