Steve Ballmer says Microsoft will not be out innovated by Apple

NetworkWorld: Let's be honest. If you were to compile a list of words that encapsulate the last 10 years for Microsoft, the word 'innovative' probably wouldn't make an appearance. Sure, they've had great overall success with the Xbox and, more recently, with Xbox Kinect, but the bulk of their revenue is still derived from unexciting software like Microsoft Office and various iterations of Windows. Granted, they're still making money hand over first, but Microsoft hasn't really been on the vanguard of technological innovation for quite some time.

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Crazay3430d ago

I hate to say it but that already have been out innovated by Apple at least in a few different spaces. I like what i see in the Surface Tablet, but I fear that it may be just a little too late unless they can figure out a way to get into corporate users hands AND do it at a competitive price point.

Elvis3430d ago

That's not going to be hard to do since Apple has stopped innovating long time ago.

gamernova3430d ago

Well, Apple really has not outdone MS in anything but the mobile market. Computer wise, Mac is miles behind.

KingPin3429d ago

the reason mac is far behind is because Apple like to sell their software with hardware and their hardware is basically sub standard with a selling price of high end pcs.

that is why people rather spend the same amount of money and get a high end pc with windows or linux. not only that but with pcs they can always buy upgrades. something a mac is not capable of with the exception of ram.