Logitech Joystick for iPad Review - TGH

TGH writes - "Logitech has released the oh-so-cleverly named “Joystick.” Yes, it’s a generic name, but a generic product this is not, and in a world of ridiculous add-on gadgets, this is one gadget that actually works."

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ShadyDevil2296d ago

Im a hardcore gamer and I might get an iPad. So this might be a good investment.

Tastynoodle2296d ago

I'm a gamer and just got an iPad and these look fantastic!

Speed-Racer2295d ago

Oh you're a hardcore gamer going to get an iPad? Tell me about how much you pwn.

spicelicka2296d ago

i don't really see how this helps so much. I rarely have problems with the left virtual joystick for movement. It's always the right one that's the issue.

The aiming is the biggest problem, specially while touching the screen to fire and to aim at the same time. And this doesn't solve that issue because if you use it on the right side, then you can't fire.

PNeafsey2295d ago

I wonder how this will compare to the Ringbow kickstarter ( Will people prefer small and portable over larger but potentially more accurate (due to increased torque area).

aDDicteD2290d ago

nice,, now i can really have fun playing games on ipad with those joystick