Engadget - Furby gets a reboot for 2012, we go hands-on

Engadget - Of all the childhood toys to update for the early 21st century, the Furby seems like a no-brainer. After all, the hairy ball of amalgamated animal strangeness packed in electronics so baffled the general public that it managed to get itself banned from the Pentagon as a threat to national security. After the Furby was first decommissioned in 2000 (managing to sell an impressive 40 million units in its first three years), Hasbro attempted to revamp the line in 2005 with Emtro-Tronic Furbies, bigger versions of the toy that brought increased facial emotions and voice recognition, failing to recapture the success of the original line.

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PNeafsey3434d ago

With all the new tech, sensors, etc a Furby2 really does make sense. The older generation may remember their own Furby, while kids seem to like more and more technology in their lives. It'll be fun to see if this version could succeed where the 2005 version failed. Whether success or failure, it'll be interesting to see WHY.