Mission Possible: Self-Destructing Messages and Photos

BW: This week a team of data security experts unveiled a new mobile app called Wickr. The app offers what its developers describe as “military-grade” encryption for data, but it also does something else: It allows users to make text messages, photos, and videos self-destruct. Messages sent through Wickr totally and irretrievably disappear from their recipients’ phones after a set period of time. Senders can customize the self-destruct deadline to be anything from six days down to a second

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Dovahkiin3692d ago

It's a brilliant idea, but the Police's worst nightmare.

technologist3692d ago

by using this app i think the secret agent style feeling will arise !! lolzz
nice one though very useful to me !!

BeastOrange3692d ago

Men and woman everwhere are going to be cheatin their azzes off. Not to mention all the junk spam that is time sensitive.. companies will pay for this booku bucks.

aDDicteD3686d ago

well this one is very handy, i like the idea specially if you get access to anything that involves you