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Judge temporarily bans Galaxy Nexus sales in US

The Future Post: A judge has put a temporary ban on sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the United States after Apple claimed Samsung copied some of its technology used in the iPhone.

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Speed-Racer3396d ago

I hope apple loses...this patent stuff is childish.

Dovahkiin3396d ago

Yeah, It's absolute bullshit. Frivolous patents just to earn money from others success. Instead of friendly competition and innovation, we're getting child's play. And paying money for it.

hkgamer3396d ago

apple probably spent a whole load of money in R&D, so for them to protect their own property is understandable.

Speed-Racer3396d ago

The same can be said otherwise for any other cellphone maker... and I am pretty sure Apple's concepts are not exactly the most novel of ideas... the reality is that some ideas are totally made from scratch, but others sometimes pass from hand to hand and get developed into something better as time passes on.

maelstromb3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I agree. In order to spur innovation, you need access, and you can't innovate if every single time you turn around you're getting sued for so-called "patent infringement." Bottom line, everyone steals, but ultimately it's what they do with what they've stolen that determines whether it constitutes theft or the means toward achieving innovation; otherwise referred to it as "evolution."

Kaneda3395d ago

Well, Apple learned their lesson from the past. M$ ripped their UI for Windons OS.. and made billions. Apple is too smart to let it happens again. Innovation is when you came something new. Google Android was never touchscreen OS. Eric Schimts was on Apple board, and learned Apple iOS and just ripped from them. This is more attacked on Google because Samsung is using Google Android...

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Captain Tuttle3396d ago

Apple has such an inferiority complex. They're afraid to compete.

gaffyh3396d ago

This is getting ridiculous now, Apple is suing literally every company, and the dumb thing about it is that they are still the market leader, so they have nothing to worry about.

slaton243396d ago

they dont care to apple its all about money

Hufandpuf3396d ago

We can't even get a source to the info?

Speed-Racer3396d ago

It's regarding this patent but what else do you want? It's just an injunction.

LOL_WUT3396d ago

This is good for Apple. If you can't beat them, join them. :)

Speed-Racer3396d ago

How does that even make sense? Or should we settle for lack of innovation?

Kaneda3395d ago

settle lack of innovation? Samsung and GOOGLE are the one with lack innovation... they copied, if you actually reads up how Andriod came touchscreen iOS, then you will understand.

Speed-Racer3395d ago

I bet you if Samsung and Google weren't around, we would be paying twice the price for those iPhones you all adore.

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The story is too old to be commented.