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US Army Tests 50 Billion Watt Lightning Bolt Laser Weapon

NRM writes "Imagine a weapon capable of firing 50 billion watt-powered laser-guided lightning bolt targets at enemies, and able to put out more power during the duration of the laser pulse than what a large city needs."

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armchaircritic003398d ago

One word to this: Zzzzaapppp

gaffyh3397d ago

OMG, Killzone 2 predicted the future.

akaakaaka3397d ago

Well if you are awake, you will be aware to few things.

Entertainment are controlled by the "mazon, Iluminaties" and most of the main people behind movies, music, news, games are them and they kind of know what future tech will exists because is already made or been made but given to us the sheep slowly.
One of the amazing things the have and they have been showing us in tv series, movies and video games is blu energy witch is amazing .

They also know and have hide the power of attraction, creation, call it "the secret" but the movie or book does not show the true about it, Kevin teodrous in his audio book "your wish is your comand" does .

Another amazing thing that they already have are robots that auto produce themself and can make city's, (yeah the transformers are real, kind off) and they talk about this tech in TED, youtube it.

Killzoned3397d ago

Maybe, don't know why you've got 2 disagrees, maybe they're dellusional and think that theres no such group such as MASON & Illuminati

ImpliedDeception3397d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I'm not saying such entities don't exist, but if they did, I'd hope they'd be capable of more advanced things than this. I remember seeing documentaries in the late 80's/ early 90's that showed model rockets connected to long spools of thin wire. They'd fire the rocket and could get lightning to strike following the wire. Laser light can ionize the air it contacts, providing a low resistance pathway for the lightning to travel, exactly like the rocket/wire experiments I saw from the 80's. It just took a couple of decades to make lasers strong enough to punch through miles of air, pollution, water vapor and rain...

Point is, this is 5th grade science taken to it's logical extreme... I don't see the illuminasons connection. :\

akaakaaka3396d ago

@Implied deception, Killzone is been made by the "Mason, Iluminaties" most Sony IP are, how do I know this? well their ID, sings print everywhere in their games, Killzone, LBP, etc...

And that's how the producers know what's up behind scenes, Steven Spilb... and all the big directors are "Mason, Iluminaties" and they are not good people, they don't care about you, they use you, they brainwash you, they make your life the worse possible, they make you naive, a sheep,
they control the entertainment industry(tv, movies, music, games), monetary industry (most banks from everywhere in the world) , food industry (they make you eat crap, unhealthy, other life forms"animals" and thats why they are sick people in every sense and cancer has grow like never)

They are easily around 100 years advanced in teach, and they give us what they don't need more little by little, they show us what they have or are working on in their movies and games, to make what they are working on easier to archive and attract new ideas and make their ideas be possible (the use your imagination and power of creation, kind of like "the secret" but in that book or movie they don't really explain how it works, Kevin Trudeau in his audio book does explain it very well "your wish is your command")

@R21 jetpacks exist today but they will really be useful if a new kind of super energy is made, with is why I talk about blu energy, a energy that they have show in Killzone 3, V the series, many many movies over and over again like in the Advengers.

So yes, Star War swords are possible, plasma guns are possible like any shown in Killzone, invisible camouflage is even been use in today war by the army and its why we saw it implemented in Ghost Recon, Transformers a like robots are real. Hologram are real and I bet you tat it will be used very soon maybe no more then 10 years will be normal to see holograms everywhere used by phones, tv, playstation 5 and etc.

Angels37853396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

^Perfect example of people who are so ridiculously brainwashed....there is actually a psychological term for people who believe people are hiding something because they belong to "secret" organizations....does that mean my old frat is hiding secret tech? LOL no. I can see why people get into this stuff though...its interesting and it captivates the mind, but you need to get that your beliefs are as shallow as a dried up sea bed. I have an uncle who works for Naughty Dogs....he is in the family, he makes the games you are a sheep to mind numbingly stupid beliefs. Learning psychology can teach you a lot...for example the fact hat all conspiracies always have not defining proof...and the people who believe them always say that you are wrong and that THEY have the answer. Where are your specific examples from games movies etc? I have played them all and even done alpha testing for symbols. The ones that are there are used as easter eggs for the worlds they are in, like uncharted having historical reference and killzone a dictorial rule similar to hitlers nazi's...who were linked to illuminati beliefs. But why am I even bothering...I'm arguing with a simpleton who believes he has all the answers and we are the sheep, yet you have no proof except for what someone else says. There is one prominent conspiracy theorist on youtube who brainwashes people so bad its hilarious!!!!! Dont you think if these theories were real big people like him would just vanish stop or disappear? Anyways this guys is so bad when he makes his points on conspiracy theories he quotes and shows "credible articles" from his own website!!! most of the time written by himself. ITs hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOL OLOLOLOLO dont even bother replying because as I write I keep on laughing!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO freakin idiots in this world man!!!! Let me know how the men in black are doing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ......oh wait but those are real!!!!!!! There is even a movie about them!!!!!!!!

akaakaaka3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Ok mr. I know everything but all i know is what they have teach me or let me see.

to @fez @elvis and maybe @angels3785(you seem to be open to accept the true but still been naive)
You guys are not the ones I'm talking to, you guys are a waste of time to try to teach the true, you guys are so brainwash that use the prototype incepted idea of someone talking about conspiracy is someone crazy, you have been teach this in many movies over the years and in the end in those movies the guy is a fool, ugly and just end up dyeing (your brain will not allow fallow this kind of guys, who talk about conspiracy themes)


In fact a lot of people who talk about conspiracy end up been killed, one of the big examples in history is mr. Kenedy, another one is Malcolm X, they both talk clearly openly about conspiracy week or weeks before their death. They are also a lot of great blogers, youtube video makers who have been killed but you will not see such a news in the tv and you know why, another big prove with facts, watch

The sad thing is that they where afraid, weak and allow them self to be killed, i don't allow it.

Why you think they have been passing laws to control the internet? control this and that you fools.

when I say logos, and stuff i mean pyramids, eyes and all the regular Mason, iluminati sings which i an see that your not familiar to it, they all all over LBP , Killzone, inF, even that game that your speak of have big time in it Uncharted 3 plot SPOILER!!!! was that his family was part of the mason iluminaties, AC whole plot is about the Mazon, how they control and own the banks and etc. I can give you many more but I believe this few should be enough.

the blog( ) is not mine and it has videos from many other people who are helping you to wake up, you should be a shame to make fun of them.

If you want to keep talking about the theme fell free to pm unless you a Iluminaty or mason I don't allow any of them, be smart and open to chat, I welcome anyone who is not a Iluminaty or mason. I say this because I don't have more bubbles to chat here.

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r213397d ago

Guerilla Games predicted this :D i cant wait for jetpacks then >:D

SITH3397d ago

Manipulation of plasma is the future. Shields protecting a ship will be made of plasma. Walls and windows made of plasma can keep space out of a open door and astmosphere inside a ship, leaving a door way similar to that in star trek and star wars so ships can dock and leave without couplings in traditional dockings.

GrumpyVeteran3397d ago

Not in our lifetimes :(

Unless we somehow create immortality by 2050 thanks to nanobots.

tehnoob33397d ago

If immortality were to exist it would happen first by the advent of perfect
organ growth

reznik_zerosum3397d ago

tehnoob3 - i think its necessary for all organic life forms to stay mortal or we would be fucked up pretty fast.

lzim3397d ago

stuff that isn't going to happen, because it isn't the plasma that matters but the containment and control of the plasma that's important.

KrimsonKody3397d ago

For some reason,
I keep thinking about the White House scene from Independence Day...

QuodEratDemonstrandm3397d ago

Really? I was thinking of the Chrysler Building. Or was it the Empire State Building? I can't remember now.

Anyway. Good luck figuring out how to reproduce the pressure wave.

silvacrest3397d ago

i was thinking more of cole's final power from infamous 1

Somebody3397d ago

Zeus had his bolts. Thor had his Hammer. Next, the US Army.

Now we wait for them to miniaturize into the size of a sniper rifle...

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