Is Project Glass the future of Google?

Suck My Trend - In this opinion piece, we take a look at whether or not Project Glass really is the future of Google.

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PNeafsey3404d ago

Nice opinion article. I agree that at this stage it doesn't look any better than a glorified helmet-cam. However - just to play devils advocate - this was a I/O so it's likely they did the show for investors and to entice other programmers to make the apps that'll make Project Glass better. It's the infancy of this technology, Google just has to be the first one out of the gate with enough options that others can make the apps that'll make this a piece of technology worth having.

On a personal note as a technophile - I'll end up getting a pair of "smart glasses" but if Google wants my money they'll have to do better than Sony and Microsoft because you know they'll be coming out with their own models too.