Apple iPhone 5 release date may be sooner than expected

iPhuture writes: It looks like the iPhone 5 release could take place sooner than expected! Sources suggest that Apple could ship its next-gen smartphone in August.

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LOL_WUT3401d ago

Oh I hope so! I know its going to be a beast!

Army_of_Darkness3401d ago

Cause the Galaxy s 3 is INSANELY AWESOME!!

KingPin3401d ago

you know, when i read your comments first and then your nick name, it all makes perfect sense.

you are either really smart or really stupid.

SnakeCQC3401d ago

better have a 720 p screen

SnakeCQC3401d ago

lol 1080p screen would mean a 4 hour battery

mcstorm3401d ago

For me Apple need to give us something impressive as Both Android jelly bean And WindowsPhone 8 with some impressive hardware will be out later on this year and IMO they both make IOS look old.
For me Apple need a redesign on there OS Phone and Tablets to not lose the Market share over the next few years, as a lot of people I know who have a Iphone 4 said they were not getting he 4s as it was not a big enough leap from the 4 and if the next phone is not much different they will be looking at Android and Windows Phone instead.