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OWC announces a 960gb SSD in 2.5"

Icrontic reports: "Today Other World Computing (OWC) announced a new 2.5″ 960gb SSD based on the Sandforce 2181 controller. The most compelling point? The price: It’s only $1300."

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Elvis4319d ago

"It’s only $1300"


kingPoS4319d ago

It's only thirteen payments of 99.99 lol

Qbanj694319d ago

Can't wait until SSD become the industry standard.


Icrontic Review: NewerTech Power2U USB outlets

Icrontic writes: "USB ports in your wall outlets. Why didn't we think of that? We review the Power2U from NewerTechnology"

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OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD Review (BmR) Other World Computing is well known to Apple Mac users, because they've focused on their needs for many years. But when you offer a five year warranty on PC-friendly components, it's hard to ignore the value. The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD OWCSSDMX6G120T is built from the 2nd-generation SandForce SF-2281 controller, and delivers up to 60,000 IOPS over the latest SATA-6Gb/s connection. Best of all, OWC offers a no-risk no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid state drive against the leading competition.

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