Samsung Galaxy S3 Versus iPhone 4S: Did Samsung Beat Apple?

mobilenapps: Reviews are coming in for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the company's latest flagship Android smartphone and the follow-up to the successful Galaxy S2. As direct competition to the iPhone 4S, has Samsung finally managed to deliver a better phone than the Siri-infused 4S?

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SJIND3456d ago

Feature wise S3, but build quality of 4S is far better than S3.

techie113455d ago

S3 till iPhone 5 release.

givemeshelter3455d ago

And when the iPhone 5 is released, a possible 5 different Galaxy Nexus devices will be released from 5 different manufacturers equipped with Cortex A-15 Quad Core SOC running the latest high end GPU's with 2 Gigs of Ram and a possible 1080p resolution.
In other words...
Specification wise the iPhone will never surpass Android.

Cyorg3455d ago

iOS needs a new look. Sure it runs smooth, but they really need something similar to widgets. They don't need to be actual "widgets", but they need to provide a way to deliver information directly to the home screen the way that widgets do (or live tiles for Windows).

iNFAMOUZ13455d ago

iphone is for fag* and kids, iphone...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

s3 till and after iphone,
Android > ios

solid73455d ago

So here it goes..
iphone is like COD.. i.e. Same old shit in new package with slight upgrade and sky high prices whereas android is like battlefield , where you get freedom and choice i.e. you can use it how you want(Install custom ROMS,overclock...etc)..

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