Surface: Why Microsoft's big mystery turns out to be a big mistake

Throw away the kickstand, keyboard and trackpad, and Microsoft’s Surface is like every other ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC we’ve seen. When I do my end-of-year “tech flops” round-up, I fully expect Surface tablets to make the list.

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techspce3417d ago

This is silly and very biased. If you really knew anything about the tablet, you'd know it isn't just another tablet. It is running a brand new OS, with a completely new body material and cooling system. Not to mention the largest app ecosystem in the market(windows). Sorry your precious iPad isn't as amazing as it was Sunday. Oh, and Steve Ballmer said that they are trying to get other manufacturers to work harder and build better products.

gaffyh3417d ago

The biggest problem with any iPad competitor is that they don't have the apps to back anything up. The only hope this tablet has is if it has good connectivity with peripherals such as printers and PCs, and has Office on it. For that reason, I can see businesses buying this and some consumers. iDevices have terrible connectivity, so that is all they can take advantage of really.

Captain Tuttle3417d ago

I think that'll be their first market they go after: Enterprise. The IT departments of these large businesses are very reluctant to go with iPads because it's completely incompatible with their Windows ecosystem and these departments tend to be managed very conservatively. This thing has Office on it so IT departments will be much less reluctant to embrace them. It's the same strategy MS used with Windows in the early years...Apple went into schools hoping to build loyal customers from the students and MS went into business. MS made Office and they won, Apple has never able to get that market share away from MS.

Phones, MP3 players and tablets are another issue entirely. As RIM continues it's slow death spiral this thing combined with Windows phones has a chance to get some real penetration in the enterprise market.

techspce3416d ago

I think they will have the apps to back it up easily on the Intel device. The ARM is going to be the tough one because legacy apps wont install. Hopefully this will be the first step in pushing developers to make Metro apps for RT devices. I have high hopes and personally like to see the positive in any device that gets made from any company.

freakinglogan3416d ago

Well, I don't think that will be the case this time around. I'm sure Windows 8 will have enough apps to go around...

scottiec12273416d ago

I think this all depends on how well or how hated windows 8 becomes. If its a success, I believe the developers will show up and could make quite the splash.