The 18-year-old schoolboy blogger who has uncovered Apple's biggest secrets

dailymail writes:

In four weeks alone, the teenager correctly predicted seven announcements that the tech giant then made at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

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fatstarr3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

I mean how hard is it going to be to predict this.

I predict next year apple will come out with a slightly faster, lighter and sleaker, macbook pro with a super retina display and thunderbolt.

I predict IoS7 is coming out next year as well

a new ipod touch, with retina
a new ipod mini/nano

and a new Ipad with super retina HD

and Mac book minis to compete with netbooks, 1/16th the weight of a standard old laptop from 2005 1/8 the specs of a macbookpro for 1/2 the price, with peasant screens for now the next year they will introduce mac book mini pro with retina

retina is currently apples if you aint got it your a bum and a disgrace to our products. smh

nukeitall3411d ago

Let me know when he correctly predicts when the stock market is going up or down! XD

BryanBegins3410d ago

Ahahaha you're spot on! Except for the Mac Book Mini, given that that the netbook market is dying, I'd rather expect an Ipad mini then.

heroicjanitor3410d ago

ipad mini? You mean an ipod touch? :p

chriski3333410d ago

Yea apple now a days is very predictable sorry apple u sneeking rats we know ur little bs games

Soldierone3411d ago

Are you serious? It honestly takes no effort at all to predict what Apple is going to do....Occasionally they will throw a slight "curve-ball" at us, but its never anything ground breaking.

dead_eye3410d ago

By curve-ball you mean an IPhone 4s when we expect a 5.

Speed-Racer3411d ago

I wonder if he can predict the lottery numbers?

GanjaMan3410d ago

darren brown the illusionist/magician did in the uk a few years ago on live tv ;)

crazytechfanatic3411d ago

I predict iPad 4 and iPhone 6 for next year 2013.

Yeah suckers, I leaked internal information. Eat that!

SephirothX213410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I predict I will die some time. Though I don't think I'll live to see my prediction come true.

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The story is too old to be commented.