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TGH writes: "Having worked in a gaming lounge where one of our selling points were having Tritton headsets at every VIP station, this writer had a preconceived opinion of the brand. In our experience the mic was always a pain and they seemed to lack stability – ergo breaking easily, and these weren’t cheap headsets to replace. So, when a Ghost Recon Future Soldier 7.1 Surround Headset was handed over to this writer, expectations weren’t very high."

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lilbrat232408d ago

These headsets are the same Tritton AX 720 but with the Ghost Recon logos. For the price difference go with the regular Tritton AX 720 $129.99.

kneon2408d ago

I'm not paying $180 for simulated surround sound and a cheesy logo on my ears. For the same money you can get the AX Pro that has multiple speakers per ear.

For simulated surround sound I'll just stick with my Sony headset, it's much cheaper and wireless.

thorstein2408d ago

Which SONY one do you have? And (dumb question, I think) is it compatible with PS3?

kneon2408d ago

I have this one and yes it works with the PS3 :)

It also only has fake surround sound but it is wireless and can be had for anywhere from $60 to $90. There is also the Elite version coming in the fall which looks to have a lot of improvements and still costs less than this Tritton.

I also have a couple different wired Trittons and various other bluetooth headsets but this Sony is the one I use most.

cityboy1002408d ago

@lilbrat23. They are not the same. I had the ax 720 these are a upgraded 720 with better sound and deeper base. Better cord and can hear yourself talk ( u can turn off ) with nice volume rockers that u can push in to mute. I sold the older 720s for get the ghost recon also they light up so another plus. If u complain about the price just don't buy it but these are perfect I give them 9/10.

lilbrat232407d ago

If you have the NEWER version of the AX 720 they do the SAME as the Ghost Recon headsets. Go to your local best buy and you can tell that there is a newer version of the AX 720. Aww you wanted a light up headset please it still does not compare with the price. You get the Newer Version of the AX 720 for $129.99 if you want light up ear attach 2 circular battery operated lights and there you go.