WordPress 3.4 Available

BuddyBloggers: WordPress Version 3.4, named for guitarist Grant Green, is finally released today.

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Speed-Racer4275d ago

Theme Previewer - That's a cool feature.

Custom Headers - I'm guessing this is in conjunction with the themes they offer. In my opinion, it shouldn't be too much of a focus cause we all know pretty much everyone uses a customized theme after some time.

kronicgeek4275d ago

Theme previewer is really a nice feature. Even I upgraded to 3.4 and it's really great.

Speed-Racer4275d ago

I took the chance. The only issue was that I had to re-configure W3 Total Cache's Minify settings from scratch because all my scripts suddenly stopped working.


Why is Wordpress an ideal web development platform for SMB? -

Apart from being a blogging platform, WordPress is an ideal web development platform for small-to-medium businesses for their web development services.

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Almost two million WordPress Websites got forced update: Here's why

Approximately two million WordPress websites received a forced security update the previous week due to a severe defect.

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The Ultimate List of WordPress Website Do's and Don'ts

AE Wide Solutions
Whether you run a multi-billion-dollar multinational company or just like to blog about your favorite hobby, WordPress is likely to be your online platform of choice, thanks to its flexibility and large community support forums And free and open source.

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the best content management systems.

WordPress continues to grow at its fastest rate ever, more and more people are turning to it as a reliable platform for their websites. Experts say it is also one of the most search engine friendly CMS platforms. With other platforms, you may face some problems.

It’s no surprise that statistics on its usage are becoming more startling by the day.

If you’re brand new to WordPress, you’ve come to the perfect spot!

Even if you’ve been working with this fantastic system for a long time, there are still plenty of things to be learned!
That is essentially why we’ve come to write down the “Do’s and Don’ts When Using WordPress” that we’ve accumulated through the years of working with WordPress.

Let’s look at 12 key issues designed to help you avoid pitfalls and instead launch you to the website of your dreams.

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