This is the C40: the Sprint Palm Pre 2 that never was

webOS Nation - By now we all know it's possible, in fact not entirely impractical, to hack a Palm Pre 2 onto Sprint, so long as you're willing to go all MacGyver with a warranty-voiding screwdriver. But it's just not 'right' - there's no Sprint integration, outside of being able to make phone calls, in our use it wasn't exactly the most stable long-term experience. That's what you get with hacked software and hardware, and we expected that. But what if you could have a real, legitimate Sprint Palm Pre 2?

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crazytechfanatic3395d ago

Sad, WebOS had soo much potentian

duplissi3394d ago

unfortunate. i had the original palm pre and aside from the poor build quality of the phone the os was phenominal! however android has absorbed most of what made webos so appealing thanks to Martias Duarte (the head designer of webos) now working for google on android.

hp was the worst possible choice to buy palm.... a company with a legacy like what palm had didnt deserve to just fade away into nothing. kinda wish google bought them instead, at least that way they would be in good hands.