iOS 6 banners (with new logo!) go up at Moscone West ahead of WWDC

9to5Mac - Following our initial gallery of WWDC banners at Moscone West, Apple has put up banners referring directly to their upcoming iOS update, iOS 6. We also have some new photos of Moscone West itself.

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-Mezzo-3391d ago

So it's official then, cannot wait to hear about the new features.

Jio3390d ago

Careful, people around here don't like Apple. You might get death threats if you say anything positive!

3390d ago
Speed-Racer3390d ago

Wasn't iOS6 officially carded for WWDC though? i.e. before this sign went up.

LiamIRL823390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Is there any hope of this being made available for my 3gs, i know it's practically a fossil at this point.

mcstorm3390d ago

I think apple need a big change with there os now as alot of people i talk to are wanting changes in the ios as each year they dont see any big changes with the apple devices.

With Samsung pushing android and Nokia now pushing Windows Phone apple have to start looking at what they offer on there devices to stand out.

Qbanj693390d ago

I'm done with apple. I thought there was nothing better out there than my iphone until I got a tablet and rooted CM7 to it. Once you go Android, you never go back.