Megaupload May Have Grounds to Sue the US Government - What's Next?

Tek Syndicate: The US Government overstepped it boundaries when they shut down Megaupload. What can Kim Dotcom and Megaupload do about it?

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FlashXIII3402d ago

Sure if Kim Dotcom can sue the Government, surely all the people who had files hosted on the site would also be eligible to?

I really hope they do get sued though.. this is just a classic example of the Government and the copyright gimps flexing their muscles.

TheGameFoxJTV3402d ago

Yup, and honestly this needs to go his way. Otherwise they will do it again. If it goes any otherway, the FBI controls the whole world's internet.

fatstarr3401d ago

I hope they get what they deserve.

Flavor3402d ago

Amazing how people will grovel for and cheer on a despicable man who made a fortune by charging for access to pirated movies and entertainment.

The handful of idiots who actually trusted their non-infringing data with an obviously illegal operation have no recourse.

Kim dotcom is everything the freetards imagine hollywood tycoons to be.

Sucitta3402d ago

you disgust me to the core.

justpassinggas3402d ago

Charging for access?

Yep, you sure do know your stuff.

FlashXIII3401d ago

So instead we should support a Government who clearly overstepped their boundaries and abused their power to make an example of a guy? Regardless of whether or not Kim Dotcom can sue, the Government and Copyright folk win because they've managed to scare many providers like megaupload to close down.. providers who were offering legitimate and L-E-G-A-L services.

We're supposed to be a democracy for christ sake.. obviously that went out the window a long long time ago.

ChrisW3401d ago

Seriously, who cares about such people?

Too many of them have "Oh! I'm doing it because it's the humane thing to do" lawyers who only truly care about their cut of the winnings. It's never about the accused's God given rights. Especially since they cannot even responsibly use the rights that are extended to them by the graciousness of the government.

I could not and would not give an inkling of sympathy if they were to suffocate face-down in the pile of manure that they made their fortunes on.

FlashXIII3401d ago

I don't care about the person but it's the underlying principle behind this whole fiasco that's the problem.

aviator1893401d ago

The issue here is that the us gvt had no authority carrying out their actions.

Downtown boogey3401d ago

It was almost an act of war against NZ.

SephirothX213401d ago

Regardless of whether the Government is sued or not, they will pay either way. War is coming!

freakinglogan3401d ago

How is it any different from Apple's file storage service... or google's?

Kurylo3d3401d ago

because apple and google would hit all the major news media on television... but megaupload will only be known to the online community and therefore they were hoping they can sweep this under the rug and get away with burning the constitution while setting their example that the us government has the power to be as bad as the mafia.. Common thugs who enforce their power outside the law.

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KidMakeshift3402d ago

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the man but the Feds mishandled the case.

A mistrial is a possibility

Somebody3402d ago

In the eyes of the law he's a criminal.But remember, he became a millionaire because of people (who are not caught by the way) willingly use his site. It's hard to judge the guy harshly when all of us actually use his site all these years. We made him into what he is now and we're leaving him to the wolves. Using his site for so long and then supporting the US government's action when he is caught is just hypocritical.

BUT...the Feds are not wrong since they are doing what they are supposed to do: uphold the law. Only they seemed to have dropped the ball in this case.

It's a confusing situation. We helped the guy to become a millionaire and now we just watched him being jerked around in custody.We know we can't do anything since what we've done with his site is mostly questionable.

freakinglogan3401d ago

Is he a criminal? The law states that he is not responsible for the content that users upload to his site. He is providing a service and they are "abusing it". He may know what is going on and he may not care... but legally, he is not liable unless he is stealing himself or encouraging. He also set up a tool that allows copyright owners to report infringing links. Megaupload would always take them down. He seems pretty covered as far as the legality goes.

The trouble is that the old companies are totally lost in the digital world.

Kurylo3d3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I couldnt agree more. No law was broken. Except by the authorities, and they went way beyond breaking the law. They wiped their butts with the constitution while infringing on civil liberties / freedom. The governemnt took sides in what was a war between 2 corporations. Thats the way i saw it. One corporation claimed the other hurt them financially by running an operation (which is a legal operation). So the goverment steps in to back the corporation that makes more money and contributes to campaigns to get people elected. Its all so crazy you would think its only in teh movies. Our politicians are no different then chinas politicians. Except in china if you get caught with corruption you get the death penalty. Here you get a slap on teh wrist.

Rai3401d ago

Do it, someone needs to smack my government in the mouth for thinking they can do whatever they want around the world.

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