Firefox 13 Arrives With New Home Page And New Tab Page, SPDY Support

Techcrunch: Most Firefox updates over the last few months were relatively minor. Firefox 13, which is now available for download and which will go out to existing users tomorrow, is a bit different. This update actually introduces a number of consumer-facing updates that finally bring some of Firefox’s features up to par with Google’s Chrome. Most importantly, this new version finally features the long-promised new home and new tab screens.

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fatstarr3395d ago

from 2 to 13 in 1.5 years.... what a jump. Ill be using fire fox 21 come December at this pace

GrumpyVeteran3395d ago

"...Instead of loading them all when you restart the browser, Firefox now only loads the first tab you see and doesn’t load restored background tabs by default to improve startup speed."

Pretty sure my Firefox has been doing that for a long time.

Speed-Racer3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Nope...most likely your PC is pretty fast. Just the other day mine crashed and reloaded and there was a slight freeze when it tried to load all the 16 tabs -.- ... and this is Firefox 12.

On another note though, it feels pretty stable so far but I guess time will tell. Memory usage is also alright...I'm about 300MB, when I would normally be at 500+MB of temp cache.

GrumpyVeteran3394d ago

eh, weird. My experience varies, sometimes only one tab will load (the one I was on last) and none of the others do until I actually click on them and other times it just loads em all. Maybe it depends how many I've got open, idk.

Anyway, will update to the latest FF version.