Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S Drop Test!

AndroidAuthority: Yesterday we did a terrible thing. We took a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and purposefully dropped it multiple times for you. It was awful to watch, but we know that our viewers get a strange enjoyment from cell phone obliteration. We also dropped a brand new iPhone 4S and filmed that too!

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technologist3392d ago

need a big heart to do that !! hats off :P

wjbjnr3392d ago

Seems like Corning's Gorilla Glass 2 is piece of Garbage after all!!!, such a demotivating factor for considering to buy S3!

The same drop test was done between iPhone 4s and Galaxy S2 (which has Corning Gorilla Glass 1), and the Galaxy's screen remained scratchless!!

ProjectVulcan3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I don't know about garbage. Look, the bigger these screens get, the more vulnerable they will be to damage that much is obvious. I cringe when i see bigger and bigger screens with smaller and smaller case frames thinking of the damage potential. Gone are the days of 2 inch 65k colour screen with 2.5 centimetres of case frame all round.

All these smartphones are vulnerable to this sort of face first drop damage. Which is why you should buy a case for them. End of.

Captain Qwark 93392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

both of those phones are built shitty. i have an lg quantum ( wp7 ) which has been dropped multiple times in multiple directions, fac, side, back, accidently thrown from my pocket, fell out of my shorts as ive gotten in the car, pulled out of my pocket and flown 6ft when i was lifting ( hand catches the headphone cord, yanks it out )......point is, its still in perfect shape minus some scratches and the back pops off often after it hits. thats it......$200 phone ( prob 50 now ) vs $600 phone....and it wins :/ something is off

bahabeast3391d ago

wow lg?? IMO one of the most shi**y phone companies out thier it mite not break when you drop it but it will just stop working for no reason.

Captain Qwark 93391d ago


maybe but it still works fine as of now, over 2 years old. only reason i still have it is becuase im holding out for wp8. but either way, its outlasted quite a few of my friends iphones

fatstarr3392d ago

Yea this is very demotivating when considering the phone. that was a big touting factor for the galaxy S1 now i gotta get a good case for the SIII. looks so fragile.

Gondee3392d ago

The fact that a side drop cracked the screen is pretty shitty. That should be the strongest part of the phone. Chances are you will drop it on a side.

chukamachine3392d ago

Get a rubber type case, no sliding out of you hand, and they can take knocks as well. That's what i have my s2 in.

Rashonality3392d ago

why get new ones if you gonna break them :|
people these anything to get hits

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