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Sennheiser X320 Xbox 360 Headset - Sticky Trigger

Sticky Trigger - On opening the packaging I must admit I was a bit confused, as the design was a bit odd with the shape of the headset back to front from the general look of headsets, and having several cables to use is new to me but I quickly overcame most issues I had. There is the main cable which is attached to the left ear of the headset, which is 4 meters long and has a usb jack on the end, which provides power to amplify audio sources which means it can be a great headset to for those who like to take their Xbox’s around and want sound, not far down the cable from the headset is an inline volume control, which allows you to adjust the game volume, and the chat volume, which can be used by connecting a 2.5mm jack into a port on the volume control (supplied), and to get game audio you are required to plug a 3.5mm jack into a port on the usb, which can basically be plugged into anything to supply the power, and that 3.5mm cable ends as a dual red and white rca cable, which works as rca in and out allowing it to pass straight the connection so you don’t need to swap the cables if you wish to swap between say a sound system and your headset.

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